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Facial Packages

Elige el que más te convenga

  • Acne Control 6

    Perfect plan for Acne types 1,2 & 3
    Válido por 6 meses
    • Brightening Radiance

      Progressive steps to bring your skin to luminous future
      Válido por 5 meses
      • Skin Health Recovery 3

        Extreme dryness and inflammation
        Valido para 8 semanas
        • Vacuum Body Therapy

          Valido para 9 semanas
          • Vacuum Therapy ( thighs, hips & buttock )
        • Body Contour Circuit

          The combination of different techniques to treat that!
          Válido por 3 meses
          • The body Circuit is designed just for you, using non-invasiv
        • Neck Revival Trio

          Revive your neck's youth with Neck Revival Trio.
          Válido por 2 meses
          • Combined Package 6

            6 Comprehensive Non-Invasive Facial Treatment Package for Various Skin Conditions
            Válido por 3 meses
            • Glow & Detox

              Muse, Unstress or Illustrious + Carboxy Therapy
              Valido para 3 semanas
              • Select your 1st facial based on your skin
              • Then schedule 2nd Treatment Carboxy Therapy 7 days after
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