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Revitalize The Skin, Leaving It Even Toned and Glowing.

Perfect formula with anti-glycation properties to boost cellular energy. Improves tonicity, tone, and texture. Restores skin to its vitality and glow. The skin appears hydrated, smooth, and radiant.



  • Improves cellular texture.
  • Boosts a detoxification process, and restores tonicity and glow.
  • The skin appearance is hydrated, smoother, and more radiant.



  • BioTech Algae complex - enhances mitochondrial membrane potential in cells, transforming potential energy into available energy. A powerful free-radical scavenger, protecting and stimulating while oxygenating.
  • Prodizia extract - protects and repairs the proteic structure damaged by glycation. Fights coetaneous signs of fatigue caused by glycation and glycoxidation.
  • Vitamin B complex - a unique combination of B9 and B12 helps maintain a healthy cellular activity, addressing problems of skin disorders.

BP Revitalizing Mask

SKU: BIO365823
2.5 Fluid ounces
Excluding Sales Tax
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