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Promote Detoxification and Balance The Skin.  Absorbs Excessive Oil And Reduces Pore Size.

An astringent mask modulates and reduces excess sebaceous secretion and excretion. Inhibits the 5-alpha reductase enzyme, reduces the appearance of enlarged pores, and diminishes blemishes. Provides optimal hydration and improves skin flexibility.



  • Removes flaky dead cells and excess sebum.
  • Reduces the appearance of large pores, and diminishes blemishes.
  • Normalizes and optimizes lipid secretion and synthesis.



  • Bio-Astringent complex - The bio-astringent complex containing yeast and mushroom extracts fortified with vitamin B complex and soothing agents modulates sebum secretion and excretion, reduces pore size, soothes, and calms itchy sensations and irritation common in oily skin. Provides optimal hydration and improves skin flexibility.
  • Bio-Sulphur - helps reduce skin's oilinesss, and prevents pore blockages from forming.
  • Colophonium - significant in diminishing large pores.
  • Prodizia - protects and repairs the proteic structure damaged by glycation. Fights cutaneous signs of fatigue caused by glycation.
  • Moisture complex - NMF factor for moisture-deprived skin. Softens smoothes and hydrates rough skin.

BP Seb-Adjustor Mask

SKU: BIO365717
2.5 Fluid ounces
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