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Intensive treatment for enhanced moisture and volume and reduced wrinkle depth.

The potent combination of hyaluronic acid fractions based on 3 different molecular weights specifically tailored to optimize performance, the serum targets different layers of the skin from the surface to the epidermis and dermis.



  • Increased moisture.
  • Increased skin volume.
  • Strengthening of skin barrier.



  • 3 Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid: 
    • High MW hyaluronic acid fraction for lasting hydration, barrier repair function, and skin soothing.
    • Mid MW hyaluronic acid HA fraction penetrates deeper into the epidermis to restore skin’s moisture retention capability.
    • Low MW hyaluronic acid fraction penetrates deeper into the epidermis and upper dermis, the extracellular space between keratinocyte layers to induce hyaluronic acid production and act as wrinkle filler.
  • Elasticity Enhancer - A patented active molecule, calcium 2-ketogluconate, stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and elastin to prevent skin aging. This new active ingredient is a by-product of lactic bacteria metabolism.
  • Radiance Enhancer - A natural ingredient extracted from the bark of the Persian Silk Tree, works to support youthful levels of collagen and elastin. Promotes the visible reduction of fatigue signs: dark circles, under-eye bags, dull complexion. Protects and repairs damage caused by glycation (collagen degradation).
  • PCA Algae (Blue Algae) - Algae extract (and) Zinc PCA (and) Magnesium PCA (and) Manganese PCA (and) Calcium PCA. The complex of oligosaccharides and trace elements enhances hydro-retention and promotes hydro-regulation. Reinforces the hydro-lipidic barrier, maintaining coetaneous moisture. Its filmogenic property protects against damage caused by exposure to UV rays. Increases elastic tonus and restructures the morphology of the skin’s surface.

FOREVER YOUNG 3luronic Serum

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