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Hydrates Lips And Reduces Fine Lines.

Nothing rewinds the hands of time like smooth, luscious, kissable lips. This light, non-oily cream targets around-the-mouth lines with a unique combination of scientifically proven age-fighters: Avocado- and shea butter-derived phytosterols for reducing wrinkles; Epidermal Thymic Factor (ETF) Acetyl Pentapeptide-1 for replacing keratin and filaggrin synthesis lost through aging and for increasing skin’s immunity; and praline extracts for hydrating and erasing fine lines.



  • Hydrates lips.
  • Reduces fine lines.
  • Improves lip line contour.
  • Adds lip volume.
  • Gentle, non-stinging formula.
  • Perfect under lip color or alone.


  • Phytosterols- produced from avocado and Shea butter to minimize wrinkles.
  • Peptides: ETF and Acetyl Pentapeptide 1- for acceleration and renewed synthesis of keratin and filaggrin, for the synthesis of dermal matrix components and strengthening of the skin immune system.
  • Praline extracts- for moisturizing skin and concealing wrinkles.

FOREVER YOUNG Lip Zone Revitalizer SPF 15

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