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Cleanses and Tones Skin Without Over-Drying.

Restores Skin's-Ideal Ph Value For Radiant Results. The Balancing Toner gently removes dull surface layers and pollutants, cleansing and toning skin without over-drying. This alcohol-free, moisturizing toner brightens, refines and renews all skin types, restoring skin to its ideal pH level.



  • Gently completes the cleansing action and tones skin.
  • Removes dull surface layers and pollutants.
  • Rejuvenates skin and enables optimal penetration of active ingredients.
  • Restores ideal skin pH.



  • Saponaria and Quillaja - actives rich with moisturizers and natural soap extracts for cleaning the skin and keeping it healthy.
  • Glycolic and lactic acids- gently remove dead cells and environmental contaminants, improving the skin's blood circulation and metabolism.

FY Balancing Toner

SKU: FY362082
10 Fluid ounces
Excluding Sales Tax
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