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Leaves Eyes Instantly Clean and Moisturized Without Oily Residue.

A delicate makeup remover for the eye area that keeps the skin clean, smooth and moisturized without leaving an oily film.
The gentle non-oily Dual Action Makeup Remover moisturizes the eye area while removing makeup and environmental residues. Featuring a combination of natural extracts, the Dual Action Makeup Remover leaves the eye area feeling smooth, hydrated and refreshed.



  • Removes eye makeup without leaving oily residue.
  • Gently cleanses without irritation.
  • Moisturizes and calms eye contour.



  • Sodium Hyaluronate - used in soothing eye drops; keeps the eye area smooth, moisturized and free from irritation.
  • Plant extracts - a refreshing combination of cucumber, chamomile and angelica smoothen and soothe the eye contour and help relieve puffiness.

FY Dual Action Makeup Remover

SKU: FY367438
3.4 Fluid ounces
Excluding Sales Tax
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