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Purifies and Refreshes, Facilitating Better Absorption of Cosmetic Products.

Cleans Skin And Removes Excess Oil.-

Perfect your balancing act with botanical toning at its best! Our antioxidant-rich, alcohol-free toner contains natural cleansers Quillaja and Saponaria for removing stubborn dirt, pollution, makeup residue and excess oil, plus witch hazel for its gentle astringent action. Never harsh or stripping, its pH-balanced formula adjusts to fit your complexion’s needs, leaving skin fresh and glowing.



  • Removes dirt, pollution, and oil.
  • Gently astringes skin.
  • Prepares skin for optimal reception of active ingredients.
  • Begins firming effect.
  • Rich in antioxidants.



  • Herbal compound - rich with antioxidants for completing the cleaning and purifying process.
  • Quillaja and Saponaria - natural substances for removing impurities, contaminants, residual makeup and excessive oil.
  • Hamamelis (Witch Hazel) - for purifying and gentle contraction.

FOREVER YOUNG Purifying Toner

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