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Active moisture spray to ease up on irritations and redness.

Rich in natural moisturizers and flavonoids from the red clover plant with hormone-like activity, restore skin tonus and volume. Contains botanical extracts with a cooling effect to soothe irritation, reduce redness, replenish, and refresh.



  • Red clover extract – active from red clover extract especially designed to fight hormonal aging. Rich in isoflavones with hormone-like activity, fight hormonal aging and restores tonus and volume.
  • Aquaderm - based on the natural moisturizing factor (NMF), improves moisture levels and promotes a smooth appearance.
  • Blue daisy (Globularia Alypum) extract - reduces discomfort, irritation, and reactive skin sensations. With an exceptional composition of glycosides, blue daisy actively reduces inflammation.
  • Soothing plant blend - a synergistic complex of euphrasia, balm mint, and magnolia plant extract with anti-redness and anti-irritant properties, prevents UV-induced stress.

LR FIRM Always-ON Mist

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