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Nutrient-rich treatment.

Powered with ingredients for healthy skin repair. Boosts collagen and elastin resilience and restores firmness. Calms irritation, and reduces redness and pollution damage for a comfortable feeling.


  • Tri-luronic acid – combination of 3 fractions of HA, developed to target different biological benefits in the skin. High MW hydrates and repairs the skin barrier, Mid MW restores moisture retention in inner epidermis and Low MW acts as wrinkle filler in upper dermis. Tri-HA reduces the visibility of dark circles around the eyes.
  • Witch-hazel extract – anti-inflammatory, treats rosacea and calms redness. Contains tannins with astringent effect that tighten proteins in the skin and across blood vessels. Promotes healing of broken, inflamed skin.
  • Dermochlorella – green micro-algae Chlorella Vulgaris with firming properties. Inhibits collagenases production, therefore reducing collagen fibers degradation for a smooth appearance.
  • Stable vitamin C – a new stable form of vitamin C (ascorbic acid) stabilized with glucose, essential in collagen synthesis. When applied, α-glucosidase (an enzyme found in the skin) acts on the active and slowly releases it. Promotes even tone and reduced pigmentation and age spots for a firmer, less wrinkled and younger looking skin.

LR FIRM Collagen Boost Mask

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