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Luxurious cream enriched with innovative active ingredients.

Fights skin dullness, sagging, and dehydration. Radiance enhancers promote a youthful, glowing appearance, while natural tensors form an invisible film on the skin surface for an anti-gravity lifting effect. Combining organic osmolytes and occlusive humectants, the cream provides optimal, long-lasting hydration.



  • Radiance enhancer – boosts microcirculation, restoring normal blood flow and supplying oxygen to the skin for a healthy glow, luminosity more even tone.
  • Skin tightener - natural tensor ingredient with filmogenic and tightening effects. Helps lift, protect, smooth, and firm the skin.
  • Botanical hydrator – high concentration of natural osmolyte – betaine accelerates keratinocyte water intake, provides rapid and continuous improvement of skin hydration, and reduces water loss.
  • Moisture complex – balancing moisturizing complex optimizes skin hydration by regulating water loss at different temperatures and humidity levels. Provides exceptional, long-lasting hydration regardless of the weather.


LR GLOW Radiance Firm Day Cream

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