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A blend of moisture actives and lactic acid clarifies, improves hydration, and evens complexion. Botanical actives calm and soothe the skin towards a refreshed and revitalized appearance.



  • Lactic acid - AHA based on milk fermentation. Helps to improve the skin’s natural moisture factor and to rejuvenate. Reduces fine lines and promotes a supple texture.
  • Aquaderm - rehydrator based on natural moisturizing factor (NMF) to improve moisture levels and preserves smoothness.
  • Chlorella vulgaris extract - micro-algae with strong antioxidative and anti-ageing properties. Neutralizes free radicals while protecting skin’s defense barrier.
  • Arnica extract and Hamamelis - powerful anti-inflammatory actives with soothing and protecting properties.

LR HYDRA Lactic Active Toner

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