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Peptides and retinol smooth and make the skin radiant in the morning.


The Pro-Biotic Eye and Neck Day Cream immediately and continuously infuses moisture deep into these delicate skin areas while combating environmental damage. The deep-penetrating, antioxidant-rich formula reduces stress-induced inflammation, redness, and premature aging to sensitive areas leading to a radiant soothed skin.


MORE PRODUCT INFORMATIONInfuse immediate and continuous moisture for anti-stress soothing care all day as this probiotic cream combats environmental damage that UVA, weather, and ever-increasing pollutants cause to the delicate eye contour and neck areas. Dramatically reducing stress-induced inflammation, redness, and premature aging, this deeply penetrating, antioxidant-rich formula also prevents DNA damage to delay the aging process. Your radiant skin will feel as calm as it looks!




  • Increase elasticity and smooth the skin.
  • Strengthens skin immunity and natural defense mechanisms, preserves optimal moisture levels.
  • Calms the skin and creates a long-lasting shield against sun radiation and environmental pollutants.



  • Nio-sensyl peptide – anti-inflammatory, soothes irritations.
  • Phytoceramidyl complex – an advanced combination to improve barrier function, elasticity, and skin comfort. Increases moisture retention and reduces itchiness.
  • Venuceane – protects DNA & fiber integrity, prevents inflammations, reduces TEWL, protects against UV & IR damage.
  • Eco-Skin – anti-inflammatory, minimizes skin disorders manifestations.





UNSTRESS Probiotic Day Cream for Eye & Neck SPF12

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